Our Services

  • Daily Shopping Bus Service to different parts of Jeddah.

  • Daily School Bus Service to International Schools (Limited Schools)

  • 24X7 Airconditioned Service

  • 24X7 Security Service

  • Domestic Water Supply

  • Maintenance Service


At Salmia Compound, we understand the importance of physical and mental health, and have emphasized the need for a fit and healthy community. Majority of the fitness amenities are located in and near the Central Facility. In addition, we offer the newest equipment and machines that allow our residents to focus on their well-being. At Salmia Compound, residents can also join different free fitness classes, learn a new sport with an instructor, participate in tournaments and competitions, or access any of the various amenities available. We offer classes for Body pump, Spin, Body combat and many more. As well as our free fitness classes we hold inter-compound competitions such as basketball, tennis, football and these are amongst many other activities our sports and fitness team organize on weekly basis. Our sports facilities include

Kids Zone

At Salmia Compound, we firmly believe that children should have the space to develop, be creative, gain new experiences, and simply be themselves. We offer a well-established kindergarten that is run by the professional teacher Multinational School Jeddah for children 2 to 4.5 years of age. At Kinder Land, a highly trained teaching staff is available at Salmia Compound Compound for the convenience of our residents with young children. We also provide a covered playground that is adjacent to the Kindergarten so that children can have fun and interact with each other while being under the care of Kinder Land's incredible staff.


Entertainment is an integral part of Salmia Compound. We have a talented and dedicated team of event organizers who plan a wide range of indoors and outdoors activities that can be enjoyed by all age groups. At Salmia Compound we make every effort to help you get familiarized with the compound facilities and services and to enable residents to network amongst other expatriates. There are organized shopping trips, coffee mornings and other organized group activities for ladies. We host events such as ladies’ groups, book club etc. We offer transportation to the local supermarket every morning and to Lulu supermarket three times a week. There are also other shuttle services organized on weekly basis that take residents to various shopping centres and souks.


Our restaurant 'Club Rendezvous' is designed and catered by the five star restaurant Le Chateau and Ginger. Club Rendezvous has the capacity to host up to 400 diners. Diners have the choice of selecting open areas, luxurious private dining rooms for special occasion as well as cozy booths for romantic dining. The ambiance of the restaurant is enhanced by its mood, lighting, background music, exquisite international cuisine and excellent service.